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Linda's Custom Fit Alterations in Jacksonville, Florida accepts ready-made, ready-to-wear, online and retail formals. She specializes in fine alterations such as tailoring to fit formals for proms, bridesmaids, mother of brides and grooms, beading, intricate work, and delicate fabrics.

Prices are subject to change based on the difficulty of working with the fabric and construction of the garment. All services require a 50% deposit due at the time of the initial fitting. Bridal consult fees ($25) is waived if the garment stays in studio.


(Exact charges can never be pre-determined without examination of the bridal, formal or busines attire. However, we take out as much guess-work as possible by providing a base price for our services.)

Bridal Wedding Dresses - Basic Hem: $125 first layer, plus $75 each addition layer (<75" width). Consult fee: $25

Custom Fitted (base) Rate for Ready-to-Wear Business Attire or Military Uniforms
  • Original Jeans Hem - $25 (in designer jeans only)
  • Skirt Hem- $25 ($35 for Kick-Pleat, Additional $10 Lined)
  • Plain Dress Hem – $20 Knee-Length <70" ($40 for Kick-Pleat, additional $10 lined)
  • Shoulders on Dress - $30 Shortened (Additional $10 Lined), additional $30 to $40 to reset sleeve
  • Bodice Take-In - $30 ( add $10 if Lined)
  • Straps Shorten - $20 (add $10 Lined)
  • Knits – Add $5 to $15 for Extra to Above Rates

Formals, Bridesmaid, Prom Dresses (please allow at least 2 weeks)

Fitted (base) Rate for Mother-of-Bride or Groom, Bride's Maid Dress, Prom Dress, Ball Gowns and Party Dresses

  • Formal Hemming (depends on fabric type) - $65 for top base layer with one (1) Lining included ($20  for Each Layer) 
*Extra charge for additional width around (flowy) gown's with hem widths greater than 70" in width
  • Take-In Bodice - $40 to $90 (with boning)     • Waist Darts (for shaping and to reduce fabric in waist) - $10 each
*Extra charge for embellishments and/or lace     •  Shorten Straps - $10 each    •  Shoulders (lined) - $20 each
  • Bridal Hems base price for plain satin gown - $125 ( $75 for each additional layer) < 75" in width
  • Extra charge for hems with special treatments (i.e., horsehair braids, lace borders, etc.)
  • Extra charge for beading, lace, sequin as this is "hand" sewing ($30/hr.) 

Suit Jacket/Blazer/Military Uniforms - (currently not available)

  • Jacket/Blazer Hem - $40 ($50 lined and curved)
  • Take-In Sides - $25 ($40 with vent)
  • Jacket Sleeves Shorten - $20, add $10 if Lined ($40 vent with buttons add $5 each)
  • Regular Blouse Sleeves with cuff- $25; add $10 to move up a vent
  • Hem Coat - $50 (add $25 for lining)
  • Jacket Waist - $35 ($20 lined, additional $15 for darts)
  • Dress Zipper - $25 regular ($40+ formal dresses; zipper cost extra or can be provided by client)
  • Buttons - $5/each (additional $1 if button is not provided); $8 for coats
  • Snaps/Hook 'n' Eye - $5/each
  • Military Patches - $10-$25

* Rush Fee – additional $20 to $70 (regular) if within one week

Reminders & Tips

  • Always wear the shoes and lingerie that will be worn with your formal dress for the day of your fitting appointment.

  • Allow at least four weeks to alter wedding and prom dresses to avoid expensive rush fees. 

  • Allow at least two weeks for bridesmaid and mother-of-bride (groom) dresses to avoid rush fees.

  • Fifty percent (50 %) down is required for all bridal wear. Full payment is due for business wear at time of pickup.

  • If your gown/outfit is full of special embellishments like beads, sequin, lace, etc., this may significantly increase the price of your alterations since this involves removal of the embellishments before the gown can be altered. Then, the embellishment must be re-applied for additional cost.

  • Clothing must be cleaned/laundered; this is by law  and due to COVID-19 regulations with NO exceptions. 


Linda offers private, scheduled fittings at your location with at least four (4) outfits. For bridal work, there is a $30 private fitting fee but this will be waived if the garment is taken. Rates on bridal work, especially, may vary based on garment design, fabric and ornamentation. Therefore, the original quote is only an estimate as noted in your invoice.

Her Clients

Most of Linda’s clients are career-minded women, such as doctors, lawyers, beauticians, and family minded customers. She serves brides-to-be, bridal parties, and mothers of teenagers going to proms and homecoming parties.